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IsMy'ButBig is a halibut sizing and photo app. Swipe the halibut to set it's length. Position the weight on the camera view. Photo will include fish weight and title.


After you land your halibut, measure it and put the length into the app by either swiping the fish up or down, or by typing in the length. The IPHC (International Pacific Halibut Commission) length to weight conversion table is used to computer the halibut's weight.


Once the fish length is set, you can switch to camera mode. Here you can drag the fish weight to where you want it positioned on the camera view. Pressing the shutter button will save a photo in the photo gallery. The photo will be embossed with the fish weight, a title that you choose and the date and time.


For chuckles, you can turn on emoticons. As you select different fish lengths, emoticons and funny statements will be shown.


No more waiting to get back to harbor to get a picture of you standing by your fish with the weight posted on it. As soon as you get back into cell range you can show friends the big halibut you caught, with weight tagged on it, to your friends. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest of the web will soon be abuzz about your good luck and triumph!


Does this app make my 'but look big? Well, let's hope this app will show you one day with a big 'but!!

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